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Affordable Same Day Delivery

Same day delivery is very expensive and most couriers will charge you a fortune for same day delivery even if it’s within the same city. Udreo does not only promise same day delivery but will deliver your parcels under 60 minutes for under R99. It is only through Udreo that your parcels will be delivered under 45 minutes from the time a driver picks up your parcel to when the parcel id delivered to your customers.

Streamline Your Return/Exchange Process

Traditionally, after sending a wrong item or a product shipped is faulty, the merchant is required to book a collection from the customer and wait until the new parcel arrives before sending a new product to the customer. This whole process can easily take 5 to 10 days. It’s more like you are punishing your customer for sending a wrong product to them or for the item you sent to them to suddenly become faulty. Udreo streamlines your return and exchange process as the drivers are able to deliver the new product while collecting the faulty/wrong item does saving you both time and money. And this makes your customers happy and will eventually lead to more sales.

Monitor Your Parcel Being Delivered

With traditional courier, once your parcel leaves the store or warehouse you will have no idea what is happening to your parcel as it makes its way to the customer but with Udreo you will be able to monitor the progress of your parcel in real time as it makes its way to the customer. You will be able to see the name of the driver, their photo, the picture of their vehicle and you will see able to see in real time how they navigate their way to your customer. The app even allows you to send a message to the driver while the driver is still on the trip if there is any last minute message you will like to communicate to your customer.

Know Your Driver

Be honest do you even know the name of the drivers delivering your parcels on a daily basis and how many parcels get lost when in the procession of these drivers? Well with Udreo you will know what other merchants like you have to say about this driver and the reviews they have given him in the past.

Insurance For Your Products

The Udreo drivers are screened and carefully selected through a strict vetting process ensuring that your parcel is handled with care as the parcels make their way to your customers. The drivers are required to have insurance for their cars as well as insurance for transporting loads and parcels. This way if anything happens, you can rest assured that you will be compensated.

Personalized Service For Your Customers

What if a customer placed an order from your website and during the checkout process the customer writes a note that could contain any of the following messages:

  1. “The house is 1 km away from the gate and there is no intercom, so phone my number when at the gate”
  2. “Do not ring the bell”
  3. “Do not hoot when at the gate”
  4. “Please deliver the parcel at 5pm since I will be at work for the entire day”
  5. “The driver needs to call when they are 10 minutes away”.
  6. “Please send me a new working item, then I will hand over the faulty unit to the driver”.


These are just a few of the many issues you will run into when trying to serve and delight your customers. Most traditional couriers will not be able to provide this level of customized service to your customers. This is only possible with Udreo. Udreo goes the extra mile as you can give the driver a specific instruction based on your customer’s needs. You wull even be able to communicate with the driver while they are on the way to deliver the parcel. This will make your customers happy and when the customers are happy your store makes more sales.

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