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Avoid Failed orders on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Think about the last time you ordered something from an online store and has a less than ideal delivery experience. Maybe your package was lost, late or damaged.

Are you itching to buy from the same seller again? Probably not,  38% of customers say they will never shop with a retailer again following a negative delivery experience. Preventing that outcome for your own ecommerce brand comes down to one thing: your order fulfillment strategy

Let’s Break It Down For You:

A successful order fulfilment strategy is vital for e-commerce businesses to maintain their competitiveness and build customer loyalty. With Black Friday around the corner, customers are eargerly waiting to buy  their products.The last thing they want is for their deliveries to be delayed, mixed up, lost or cancelled due to an inadequate order fulfilment strategy.

What is order fulfillment?

For e-commerce businesses, acquiring a customer is only half the conversation. There is a lot that happens behind the scenes after a customer checks out online.

Order fulfillment is the process of getting products from your space into the customers’ hands. The process starts once a customer places an order, and ends when the shipment is delivered to the customer.

What To Consider When Determining Your Order Fulfillment Strategy?

The order fulfillment process doesn’t need to be complicated, but knowing the basic steps of order fulfilment can help out when choosing the right fulfillment partner.

These Are:

1. Storage of inventory

2. Order processing

3. Shipping

4. Processing of returns

A pivotal part of any fulfilment strategy falls on the shipping time retailers set and the cost of achieving this. While there is an increasing demand for one-day and two-day delivery, customers also look for competitive pricing, meaning retailers have to balance speed and price. A Well-planned ecommerce order fulfilment can convert higher numbers of customers, without the need to impact margins.

The Shipping Partner You Need

The good news is the shipping partner you need to successfully excute your order fulfillment is right here. At Udreo we are constantly updating our customer centric strategies of offering reliable, convenient, and fast on demand shipping. We understand that shipping requirements are not the same for all businesses hence we offer a flexible fulfillment process that is customized to your needs.

Get in touch with our sales team now to find out more

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