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Quick, Convenient and Reliable Delivery Service

One of the pain points of shopping online is shipping. Finding a viable logistics strategy is vital for the growth of your business. At least 73% of online shoppers expect affordable, fast and convenient delivery. When you meet this expectation, customers will come back for more.

Sellers need to keep up with these dynamic customer expectations by providing, reliable and fast shipping or otherwise risk losing the business altogether. Research shows that 38% of customers would never buy from a seller after experiencing negative delivery services. However, when customers get good delivery services, you will see the rewards.

Therefore, finding the best courier partner is very important, if you want to satisfy your customers and grow your business.

Benefits of reliable and fast shipping:

1. Reduction in cart abandonment and increase in conversion rate. 44% of online shoppers who abandon their carts claim that shipping and handling costs are the main reason. Furthermore, 24% of online shoppers have completely cancelled and order due to slow shipping/delivery.
2. More than 70% of shoppers expect affordable, reliable, and fast delivery. If you offer them this, they will come back for more and they will tell their friends. Take advantage of this by partnering with a reliable courier partner and that’s where Udreo comes in.

How to you find a reliable courier partner?

Look no further, at Udreo we are constantly updating our customer centric strategies of offering reliable, convenient, and fast on demand shipping. Through our flexible fulfillment process, we aim to create a ‘best in class’ shipping experience and promise to deliver a brand experience which your customers will appreciate.

To find out more on why you should choose Udreo as a delivery partner, check out

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