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Why You Should Offer Cash On Delivery

Are you currently able to offer cash on delivery to your customers? Do you know how much sales you are missing? Well in Africa research has shown that 70 – 85% of customers prefer to pay with cash. So that already tells you how much money you are losing by not offering this delivery and payment method to your customers. Using the Udreo application, you will be able to offer cash on delivery to your customers all over South Africa in the regions we are currently operating in. In the near future we will be offering COD to customers in other cities. This means you can sell to customers in Johannesburg and let them pay cash when the products are delivered while you are based in Cape Town.

Taking Away the Risk involved with COD

It is by no coincidence that all major online retailers offer cash on delivery to their customers. The issue with cash on delivery is that it can be very risky. This is the reason why we are taking away all the risk from you so that you can focus on selling your products and let us collect the cash for you. The cash will be collected from your customers by the driver and the funds will be deposited directly into your bank account.

Increase Your Sales & Customer Trust

The moment you start offering cash on delivery to your customers in South Africa, you will see an instant increase in your sales whether you are selling online or offline. This payment method is particularly important for your first time buyers who do not trust you yet. This will be like the last push to win them over and get them to place that first order. Once they have placed the order and Udreo delivers the products to them in a timely manner, the next time they visit your store they will be more relaxed to order from you because they already know you as a trusted merchant. This will instantly separate you from the thousands of other merchants online who struggle with trust issues. So download the Udreo app today and start increasing your sales and building trust with your customers.

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