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Udreo’s Commitment To Shippers

Udreo’s Commitment To Shippers

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Reach More Customers – Increase Conversion

Thank you for showing the interest to partner with Udreo. This is an exciting new opportunity to
increase your customer base, grow your business faster, reach new customers who would have
previously not done business with you, deliver your goods speedily and increase your earning
potential. We have seen an instant increase of 60 to 75% in order volume from new merchants
like yourself who adopted Udreo’s Cash On Delivery facility. Also, you will be able to build great
trust with your customers when you offer them Cash On Delivery.

About Udreo

Udreo is an application that has been developed to facilitate the collection and delivery of goods,
documents and parcels. Once the customer makes a request using the Udreo app, they are
required to fill in the details of the parcel and the details of the receiver including their phone number.
Udreo will then send an SMS with a link to the receiver’s phone. Through this link the receiver
can track the position of the driver using the phone’s web browser as the driver makes their way
to the final destination while the sender of the parcel will track the driver using the app.

How We Secure Your Merchandise

Since we will be dealing with your valuable merchandise it is our duty to ensure the security of
these parcels as they make their way to your customers. The Udreo drivers have been carefully
selected well trained to handle your merchandise securely to avoid any damage to your parcel or
your parcel getting missing. Udreo has also put in place measures to ensure you are fully covered
in an event of a missing parcel or your cash not being deposited on time.

Cash On Delivery Facility

When you request for the driver to collect cash for your parcel in the case of a COD the driver is
required to immediately deposit the collected amount into Udreo’s bank account within 30
minutes. As soon as the parcel is collected from you and delivered to your customer, Udreo will
normally pay you before the end of business day irrespective of whether the driver deposited the
funds on time on not.

More On Your Pearce Of Mind

Udreo will normally handle the drivers and any issues that arise so that you can run your business
in absolute serenity and peace of mind knowing your parcels will always be delivered and the
funds collected on your behalf and deposited into your bank account (for COD orders).
Udreo provides an insurance cover of up to R500 for any parcel you send using the Udreo app.
So in an unlikely scenario where the parcel goes missing, Udreo will investigate and validate your
claim after which Udreo will be able to pay you up to R500 for your parcel. We also urge our
customers to take some sort of business insurance to cover their business and merchandise.
For Cash On Delivery (COD) orders, there will be 2 amounts; the delivery fee and the COD
commission. Udreo will pay the COD amount directly into your bank account keeping 5% of the
total amount collected as a service fee (commission). The delivery fee is the amount you pay the
driver for delivering the parcel to your customer.
Any driver that is found not be compliant with the SLA set by Udreo or constantly having bad
reviews from customers will be instantly blocked from the service.

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