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Udreo Driver Registration Requirements

Udreo Driver Registration Requirements

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Thank you for showing the interest to partner with Udreo. This is an exciting new opportunity to
increase your customer base and earning potential. Please note that as a partner you are agreeing
to operate with Udreo as a private contractor and not an employee of Udreo. This means you
will need to have your own insurance and run your operations as a private business.

About Udreo

Udreo is an application that has been developed to facilitate the collection and delivery of goods,
documents and parcels. This implies you will be dealing with valuable merchandise from our
customers and that places a great amount of pressure on the management to ensure the security
of these parcels as they make their way to their final destination. As a driver for Udreo, you will
also be required from time to time to collect cash on behalf of the shippers. These shippers are
usually retail store owners or e-commerce stores that send out their parcels to their customers
and the drivers are required to collect the cash amount indicated by the shipper. Once this
amount has been collected from the receiver, the driver is required to immediately deposit the
collected amount into Udreo’s bank account within 30 minutes so that we can pay the shipper
immediately. For Cash On Delivery (COD) orders, there will be 2 amounts; the delivery fee and
the COD amount. The driver will keep part of the delivery fee while 10% goes to Udreo and the
driver is required to deposit the COD amount collected into Udreo’s bank account that will be
provided to the driver at the time of registration. This will enable Udreo to pay the shippers

Refundable Security Deposit

Due to the nature of our operations involving parcels and cash collected from receivers for the
value of the parcels, there is a high possibility or parcels getting missing or drivers not depositing
the money on time. This possess a great security risk and increases the chances of having
dissatisfied customers and if the customers are not happy the app will have negative reviews and
this will affect other honest drivers who genuinely want to use the application to earn a honest
living. To avoid this from happening, we require all the drivers to make a refundable security
cash deposit upon registration. This amount will be used to pay out the shippers in case of a
missing parcel or the driver not depositing the funds into Udreo’s bank account on time. In an
unlikely situation where the driver does not deliver the shipper’s parcel or delivers the parcel but
does not deposit the amount collected into Udreo’s bank account, the security deposit will be
used to pay out the shipper and the driver’s account will be temporarily suspended. As soon as
the issue is resolved, the driver’s account will again be activated and they can accept and deliver
parcels. Also, whenever the driver decides to stop using the service, the security deposit will be
transferred to the drivers’ bank account after all the amount the driver is owing the app has
been deducted. The security deposits are outlined below:

Bike: R500 | Car: R1000 | Barkie: R1500 | Truck: R2000

Any driver who does not adhere to the SLA set by Udreo or constantly having bad reviews from
the customers will be blocked from the service.

Driver Requirements 

The drivers are required to register using the app. During the registration process, all drivers will be required to submit the documents below:

  1. Driver’s license
  2. Current picture of the driver
  3. Passport/ID of the driver
  4. Current picture of the car
  5. Car registration number
  6. Goods in-transit insurance
  7. Insurance of the vehicle
  8. Vehicle capacity
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