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Udreo is an application that has been developed to facilitate the collection and delivery of goods, documents and parcels using a network of trucks, cars, vans and bikes. Once the customer makes a request using the Udreo app, they are required to fill in the details of the parcel and those of the receiver including their phone number. Udreo will then send an SMS with a link to the receiver’s phone. Through this link the receiver can track the position of the driver using the phone’s web browser as the driver makes their way to the final destination while the sender of the parcel will track the driver using the app..

i. The shipper makes a request for a driver to deliver their parcel using the Udreo mobile app or web portal.
ii. The shipper can ask the driver to collect cash for their merchandise (Cash On Delivery request).
iii. The new request is sent to multiple drivers who will make an offer to deliver the parcel.
iv. The shipper then selects the driver they will want to deliver their parcel.
v. The driver begins the job and an SMS is sent to the receiver of the parcel with a link to track the position of the driver (using their phone’s web browser) as the driver makes their way to deliver the parcel.
vi. The shipper is able to track the driver’s position using the mobile app or web portal.
vii. Driver arrives at the drop off location and delivers the parcel and then collects cash if the sender requested that cash should be collected (COD order).
viii. The driver marks the trip as complete and Udreo pays the shipper directly (COD order).

If you are already operating in the courier industry or looking to kick start a new venture by delivering goods, Udreo can present an exciting new opportunity to increase your customer base and earning potential. Udreo for business has been developed to make it easy for new entrepreneurs to start their own delivery service as well as already existing courier services to get new customers. The platform provides you with all the set of tools you need to run and manage a successful delivery business from day one.
Partnering with Udreo as an operator means you will be benefiting from Udreo’s extensive marketing and customer base. As an operator you will enjoy the benefits below:
i. Udreo provides you with a dedicated mobile app to manage your shipments and allocate them to your drivers.
ii. A dedicated web portal to register new customers, drivers and agents (who will be your employees that will assist you in running your business on a daily basis)
iii. The drivers and agents of your business will have a dedicated mobile app to assist them in delivering parcels and managing operations respectively.
iv. The agents will also have a dedicated web portal for dispatching shipments and allocating the shipments to your drivers. Agents will also be able to monitor the activities of the drivers using this web portal.
v. All your earnings from your operations will be managed in an easy to use web portal and dedicated operator mobile app.
Note: This SLA is still in development and not finalised yet. However whenever an adjustment is made in future due to improvements in the functionality of the app or a change in the market, this will be communicated to the operators in time to enable them make the necessary adjustments.

The operators play a very strategic role to the success of the delivery service. Udreo together with its network of operators form a strong synergy which is a strategic partnership whose main aim is to ensure a good service to the end user, help in bringing down the delivery cost, and ensure a constant increase in volumes of parcels delivered and to make sure the business remains profitable to all the stakeholders.
For the service as a whole to be successful and be beneficial to Udreo, the operators, its partners and all stakeholders, the operator will be responsible for the duties below:
i. Look for their own drivers and establish good relationships with them. These drivers will assist them with deliveries.
ii. Operators should negotiate payment terms with their drivers.
iii. Ensure that the drivers are professional with the customers using the app at all times.
iv. The operator is allowed to train the drivers on how to use the driver application in completing the trips to ensure a smooth delivery experience to the customers using the app.
v. To ensure a consistency in the service, the drivers of the operator are expected to wear Udreo branded uniforms during delivery. The delivery vehicles/bikes are also expected to be branded with Udreo stickers. This will ensure quick recognition of the drivers and also help with marketing.
vi. Ensure all the driver’s bikes used for the delivery of parcels are insured and also all vehicles have a valid Goods In-Transit (GIT) insurance policy in place at all times.
vii. Ensure proper discipline of the drivers and make sure the ratings of the drivers stay above 3 stars as ratings staying consistently below 3 stars could lead to a suspension or termination of the operator’s license if proper explanation is not provided.
viii. The operator is expected to have a well trained in house team who will be the agents of the operator to assist in running the day to day operations such as:
a. Calling the drivers during deliveries to provide them with extra information or directions.
b. Receiving calls from potential customers and providing then with quotations telephonically or via email using the operator portal.
c. Explaining how the Udreo delivery service works to potential customers.
d. Creating bookings on behalf of potential customers using the operator portal.
e. Registering new customers using the operator admin portal to ensure that the details of the customers are in the system to facilitate the booking process.
f. Follow up with drivers to make sure they deposit the funds collected from the receivers in the case of cash on delivery trips. This will enable Udreo to quickly payout the sender.
g. Reporting technical issues to the Udreo command center to ensure technical glitches are resolved timeously.
h. To re-allocate deliveries to other drivers in the event where a particular driver is not able to complete a trip.
ix. Communicate directly with Udreo’s management for any adjustments or amendments to the service for a continuous improvement in the user experience for all the stakeholders.
x. The operator and its team according to this SLA agree to perform all transactions using the Udreo platform as performing transactions out of the Udreo platform can lead to immediate cancellation of the license and termination of access to the platform with no option to appeal.
xi. Any attempt by the operator, its agents or drivers to replicate this document or the services offered by Udreo will be regarded a breach of contract and this will be treated as a legal matter in the court of law.

To be an operator with Udreo, we will require the following from you:
i. Signup fee of R50.000 (On promotion for R5000)
ii. Refundable security deposit of R5000 (waived for 5 months)
iii. Name of the business you intend to use on the platform.
iv. Copy of ID/Passport with rights to conduct business in South Africa
v. Logo of your business
vi. Email address to register you on the service
vii. Address where your operations will be based
viii. Bank Account for payouts
ix. A minimum of 1 driver to begin with
x. Let us know if you will be paying your drivers a salary or commission
xi. Dedicate a day for training on the various functionalities of the platform

Udreo is still a very new service and we try the best we can to make the service as profitable as possible to all the stakeholders. We need to ensure the service is beneficial to the operators
and sustainable for the long term as well. Udreo will always engage with the operators to come up with a cost structure that ensures the following:

i. Sustainability for the Udreo platform
ii. Profitability to the operators and all stakeholders
iii. Ensure continuous growth in customer numbers of the platform
iv. Increase customer satisfaction & retention

a. SIGNUP FEE – R50.000 (On promotion now for R5000)
There is an initial launch signup fee of R50.000 (currently R5000) and this fee is subject to change without notice for future operators. After the signup fee is paid, Udreo will provide you with a startup kit consisting of the following:
– 50 Branded business cards carrying your details as an operator
– 3 Udreo T-Shirts
– 5 Udreo stickers for the vehicles
– 3 Udreo branded masks
– A dedicated email address

b. MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION COST – R450 (Waived for 5 months)
A monthly subscription cost of R450 will be required from each operator. This cost is waved for the first 5 months as this will be regarded as the grace period of which the operator will be undergoing the onboarding process.

Initially, Udreo will keep a standard 15% for the quoted price for all deliveries and the operators will keep 85% for all the deliveries.

i. Salaried drivers
If the operator pays the drivers a standard salary per month, then all the remaining 90% commission goes to the operator. It is then up to the operator to pay the drivers the monthly wage they both have agreed upon.

ii. Commission drivers
If the operator pays the driver a commission for every delivery, then the operator should discuss the details of the commission structure with Udreo as this need to be configured into the system for accurate monitoring. The 90% will be shared between the operator and the driver per their agreement.

Ideally, customers will randomly request for pickup and delivery and the app will calculate the fair based on the distance the driver will need to travel and the time the driver will spend on the trip. Occasionally we will get e-Commerce customers, restaurants and other retailers requiring a more standardized cost structure. Therefore we have some standard packages than we offer to these customers. The costing here is still under development as we need to keep adjusting to find a cost that will work for all parties. There will be continuous engagement with customers and operators to find a sweet spot that makes the service appealing to the shippers and profitable to the operators, Udreo and all stakeholders.

Because we deliver goods and sometimes collect cash for the shippers, this adds an extra layer of risk to the service. This is because sometimes the drivers can deliver a parcel and collect the cash from the receiver and do not deposit the funds into Udreo’s bank account so that we can pay the sender of the parcel in a timely manner. If this happens, we could have an unsatisfied customer which will be bad for the success of the service. In order to avoid this from happening, the operators will be required to make a refundable deposit of R5000 into Udreo bank account during the onboarding process. In an event of the driver not depositing the collected cash on time, Udreo will pay the sender of the parcel using the operator’s security deposit and follow up with the operator to get the issue resolved internally. Whenever the operator stops using the service, this amount will be refunded to the operator and the license suspended.


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