Udreo For Business


If you are already operating in the courier industry or looking to kick start a new venture by delivering goods, Udreo can present an exciting new opportunity to increase your customer base and earning potential. Udreo for business has been developed to make it easy for new entrepreneurs to start their own delivery service as well as already existing courier services to get new customers. The platform provides you with all the set of tools you need to run and manage a successful delivery business from day one.

Partner with Udreo as an operator and accelerate the growth of your business by making use of the range of business tools carefully engineered to power your delivery business. Partnering with Udreo will not only increase the volume of parcels you will be delivering each day but you will be doing so using the best in the industry technology and tools.

The Challenge

Starting a delivery service usually needs a huge budget to setup the business and manage your fleet. Developing the technology required to run your operations smoothly could be really complex, expensive and may take very long to develop. Rolling out your service to cover the entire country could be even more difficult. As an existing delivery or transportation service, offering a nationwide Cash On Delivery service or launching in new cities can be a daunting and an expensive task.

The Solution

Partnering with Udreo as an operator means you will be benefiting from Udreo’s extensive marketing and customer base. As an operator you enjoy the benefits below:

  1. Udreo provides you with a dedicated mobile app to manage your shipments and allocate them to your drivers.
  1. A dedicated web portal to register new customers, drivers and agents (who will be your employees that assist you in running your business on a daily basis)
  1. The drivers and agents of your business will have a dedicated mobile app to assist them in delivering parcels and managing operations respectively.
  2. The agents will also have a dedicated web portal for dispatching shipments and allocating the shipments to your drivers. Agents will also be able to monitor the activities of the drivers using this web portal.
  3. All your earnings from your operations will be managed in an easy to use web portal and dedicated operator mobile app

The Results

Great partnerships are the engine of success. We recognize the value of good partnership and the importance of working collaboratively. Working as one team, we will be able to focus on attacking costs, improving customer service, and managing continuous improvement across all aspects of our operations.

Key Benefits

You can choose a plan best suited to you, depending on the number of goods you send per month.

There are no contracts with Udreo. Simply use the service when you need it and pay at the time of using it.

What Payment Methods Are Available?

As an Udreo customer, you can pay using Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card or your Udreo wallet. It is very important to always check for the payment methods currently available in your area.