Erkam’s Gadget Store COD Solution


Our operators attach great importance to customizing the booking process for our customers. That’s why we strive to find the delivery solution that best suits your needs. We’ll ask you the collection address, the delivery address, and the type of vehicle you prefer. Your answers to these and other questions help us determine the best price for your delivery.

We pride ourselves on providing the best parcel delivery and cash-on-delivery services in Africa. Our skilled personnel, utilising our innovative android and iOS applications with tracking and processing software, combined with lots of experience, ensure all parcels are delivered as safely, securely, and promptly as possible.

The Challenge

With ecommerce taking central stage in all markets around the globe and with more people embracing this idea more recently in South Africa, in order to excel in this market by reaching more customers, Erkam’s Gadget Store was looking to partner with a reliable parcel delivery company who could also provide a cash-on-delivery service. The service partner envisioned would not only be required to be efficient but also to provide the service at affordable costs.

The Solution

The Erkam’s Gadget Store partnered with Udreo and within a month its products could reach more people. They gained more than 20% increase in their client base and could charge low delivery fees due to Udreo’s low delivery costs and a consolidated delivery efficiency. Udreo could streamline their cash-on-delivery problems through schedule planning, insurance on parcels, real-time tracking, and fast delivery.

The Results

Erkam’s Gadget Store is gaining momentum in terms of increased consumer pools. With superior cash-on-delivery logistics management provided by Udreo, the Erkam’s Gadget Store can move their merchandise much more efficiently, passing on any potential and actual cost and time benefits onto the end-consumer, in-turn increasing their market standing. Udreo’s insurance policy also provides very low risk to Erkam’s Gadget Store. All these have helped in increasing their customer base and increased customer trust in their business.

Key Benefits

You can choose a plan best suited to you, depending on the number of goods you send per month.

There are no contracts with Udreo. Simply use the service when you need it and pay at the time of using it.

What Payment Methods Are Available?

As an Udreo customer, you can pay using Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card or your Udreo wallet. It is very important to always check for the payment methods currently available in your area.