Delight Customers With Udreo


Thank you for showing the interest to partner with Udreo. This is an exciting new opportunity to increase your customer base, grow your business faster, reach new customers who would have previously not done business with you, deliver your goods speedily and increase your earning potential. We have seen an instant increase of 60 to 75% in order volume from new merchants like yourself who adopted Udreo’s Cash On Delivery facility. Also, you will be able to build great trust with your customers when you offer them Cash On Delivery.

Udreo is an application that has been developed to facilitate the collection and delivery of goods, documents and parcels. Once the customer makes a request using the Udreo app, they are required to fill in the details of parcel and the details of receiver including their phone number. Udreo will then send an SMS with a link to the receiver’s phone. Through this link the receiver can track the position of the driver using the phone’s web browser as the driver makes their way to the final destination while the sender of the parcel will track the driver using the app.

The Challenge

With the majority of customers shopping online, this presents numerous logistics as well as operational challenges to small and medium size businesses. Some of these challenges could range anything from building trust and meaningful relationships with new customers to delivering parcels on time to meet the customer’s expectations. Another important but often overlooked aspect of the ecommerce business is letting your customers pay at the moment the goods are delivered to them. What about exchanging products when you screw up either by sending the wrong item or delivering a faulty product to the customer? How easy has it been for you to deal with these things till now?.

The Solution

Udreo has been specially developed to solve these issues with ease! Udreo was built from ground up by consulting owners of e-commerce businesses to understand deeply which needs were being ignored by traditional courier companies. Most of the intra city deliveries done by Udreo will normally be completed in less than 1 hour from the time the driver picks up the parcel to delivering the parcel to the receiver. The Cash On Delivery facility enables you to request the driver to collect cash for your merchandise. Once the driver collects the cash from your customer, Udreo pays the funds directly into your bank account. If ever you ship the wrong parcel to a customer or the product stopped working, you can send a new item with the driver and ask them to exchange the product for you as they deliver the new item. This will resolve such issues in minutes as opposed to using 5 to 10 days with the traditional courier service. Thus saving you both time and money and most importantly you get to keep the customer happy.

The Results

Quick delivery using Udreo will change your customer’s perception of you to that of a reliable company. Offering Cash On Delivery using Udreo will help you built trust and meaningful relationships especially with the first time customers. The quick exchange process using Udreo to resolve screw ups will make you the-go-to business whenever your customers need a product that you offer. These customers will also put a good word out there for you. Partner with Udreo and delight your customers at every point in the customer’s journey.

Key Benefits

You can choose a plan best suited to you, depending on the number of goods you send per month.

There are no contracts with Udreo. Simply use the service when you need it and pay at the time of using it.

What Payment Methods Are Available?

As an Udreo customer, you can pay using Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card or your Udreo wallet. It is very important to always check for the payment methods currently available in your area.