Break Boundaries – Offer COD


Offering a Cash On Delivery payment method to your customers as a small business is not a choice you have to think about but something that has to be an integral part of your business. An ecommerce website is just a catalogue of product images with a description and this is something anyone else could create including scammers or any individual with malicious intentions.

Offering Cash On Delivery to your potential customers sends out all the right signals about your business. If shows your customers that you are a legitimate business, you care about building a meaningful relationship with them and that you are confident about the quality of you merchandise. Offering Cash On Delivery removes all boarders from your business because you will be acting like a brick-and-mortar store based in one city but serving customers across the country and giving them the option to pay cash the same way they will do in any brick-mortar-store.

The Challenge

If you had customers in Johannesburg and Durban while your business was based in Cape Town and these customers insisted on paying cash for your merchandise when they receive them, how will you solve this problem? Research has shown that about 65 to 70% of African customers still prefer to pay cash on delivery when shopping online. So you are probably losing about 70% of your potential customers without even being aware. The major ecommerce players in Africa have quickly scaled their business by offering Cash On Delivery to their customers in major cities across the country. However, most small business do not have access to this delivery network as it is usually developed as an in house solution for these companies only.

The Solution

Udreo’s Cash On Delivery facility will assist you with delivering your parcels nationwide and collecting cash for you merchandise. When you request for the driver to collect cash for your parcel in the case of a COD the driver is required to immediately deposit the collected amount into Udreo’s bank account within 30 minutes. As soon as the parcel is collected from you and delivered to your customer, Udreo will normally pay you before the end of business day irrespective of whether the driver deposited the funds on time on not. Udreo will normally handle the drivers and any issues that arise so that you can run your business in absolute serenity and peace of mind knowing your parcels will always be delivered and the funds collected on your behalf and deposited into your bank account (for COD orders).

The Results

Most of the merchants who have adopted Udreo’s Cash On Delivery payment facility have seen a rapid increase in order volume and the frequency of orders. They have also been able to see more returning customers as the trust of the customers have increased by letting them pay cash for their merchandise. This could be the partnership you need to take your business to the next level. .

Key Benefits

You can choose a plan best suited to you, depending on the number of goods you send per month.

There are no contracts with Udreo. Simply use the service when you need it and pay at the time of using it.

What Payment Methods Are Available?

As an Udreo customer, you can pay using Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card or your Udreo wallet. It is very important to always check for the payment methods currently available in your area.