How Udreo Is Helping 3Di


As middleman our purpose is to satisfy both the customers and the sellers. We strive to fulfill the whole ecommerce experience buy providing the best service for our clients.

The Challenge

3Di Third Eye is a company based in Johannesburg and have been selling eye glasses with not much traction, because being a small online business they had little trust from their customers. This is because they sold mostly through social media. They didn’t have much trust from their customers as a result they could not reach as many customers as they wanted. They wanted to shorten the period of time the customer ordered to the time it was delivered. They wanted to offer their customers same day delivery and Cash On Delivery. This is not possible with traditional courier services as the parcel takes up to the next day at earliest to be delivered.

The Solution

3Di Third Eye reached out to Udreo for a solution. Udreo offered warehousing for 3Di Third Eye to keep their stock at their Cape Town branch. When there is an order they just send Udreo the order details and Udreo dispatches the parcel instantly to the customer and the parcel is delivered within 60 minutes. Udreo also does Cash On Delivery for them making it easy for customers who want to pay cash on delivery.

The Results

3Di Third Eye has now managed to satisfy its customers while reaching out to more customers. Ecommerce order fulfillment by Udreo makes it easy for merchants to offer  a good customer experience. Delivery under 60 minutes has been fulfilled by Udreo and most customers and happy. Due to the eCommerce order fulfillments and Cash On Delivery offered by Udreo, 3Di Third Eye has seen an increase in order volume as well as increased customer satisfaction.

Key Benefits

You can choose a plan best suited to you, depending on the number of goods you send per month.

There are no contracts with Udreo. Simply use the service when you need it and pay at the time of using it.

What Payment Methods Are Available?

As an Udreo customer, you can pay using Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card or your Udreo wallet. It is very important to always check for the payment methods currently available in your area.

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