Get UDREO And Get The Best Courier Services In Africa

Think Courier, Think UDREO! The courier service industry is flourishing in Africa, and many challenges are faced by the customers and courier service operators.

The customers often get confused about which courier is best for them and operators face many challenges in offering satisfactory courier service to the customers. UDREO aims to provide the fast couriers’ service in South Africa, to get the logistic services more smooth, reliable and express. If you are looking for express courier service in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Bloemfontein, or anywhere in Africa, the UDREO is a smart choice to get rely on.

You need to get the UDREO app available for both IOS and Android, having an advanced feature that helps you to track the processing of logistic operations by UDREO. It helps you to track your parcel and the truck carrying your parcel. The mobile app is constituted with extra features and operational options you need for a smooth operation related to courier service. Following integrated supply chain solutions, we offer same-day parcel service to make your business grow. We also facilitate Courier service with Cash on delivery (COD) in South Africa, a majority of the people prefer Cash on delivery (COD) payment mode.

What Makes UDREO The Best Logistic Operator?

  • Fast Couriers Service in South Africa
  • Same Day Express Delivery
  • Online Tracking and Tracing of The Parcel
  • 24 * 7 Support
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Easy to Use UDREO Mobile App
  • Multiple Logistic Mode- Air, Road, Ocean Freight
  • Cash On Delivery In South Africa
  • Extended Network
  • Advance Supply Chain Management
  • Warehousing Facility
  • Cost-Effective Service
  • Time-Saving Service
  • Cargo Transport in Africa

UDREO is a logistic operator having advanced supply chain management and technology-based business operations management to deliver safe and express couriers. UDREO offers transparent pricing and 24*7 support to address any grievance and to solve any queries related to your parcel.

Providing fast couriers in Africa is not the only aim, we also aim to provide safe courier services. Understanding the importance of the storage and security of the parcel as a courier service operator UDREO also provides warehousing service to the customers.

Join UDREO To Boost Your Business Growth

Whether you are a courier service provider from cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Bloemfontein, or based in any city or town of Africa, you can join UDREO as a courier service provider. If you are already operating in the courier industry or looking to kick start a new venture by delivering goods, UDREO can present an exciting new opportunity to increase your customer base and earning potential. UDREO for business has been developed to make it easy for new entrepreneurs to start their delivery service as well as already existing courier services to get new customers. The platform provides you with all the set of tools you need to run and manage a successful delivery business.

Partnering with UDREO as an operator means you will be benefiting from UDREO’s extensive marketing and customer base. As an operator, you will be able to manage your shipments and allocate them to your drivers, for that you just need to get the UDREO App.

You will get A dedicated web portal to register new customers, drivers, and agents. The agents will also have a dedicated web portal for dispatching shipments and allocating the shipments to drivers. Agents will also be able to monitor the activities of the drivers using this web portal. All your earnings from your operations will be managed in an easy-to-use web portal and dedicated operator mobile app.

So, get the UDREO app for the best experience of courier service and track-trace your parcel while getting it delivered.

Avail of the fast couriers’ service in South Africa and get your parcel delivered on the same day that too safely and facilitated with cash on delivery. For the courier service operator, cash on delivery (COD) payment mode is a boon to get your business boost. Around 60-70 percent of customers prefer cash on delivery, and there are very few operators who provide COD-based courier service in Africa, so UDREO is facilitating the cash on delivery in South Africa to serve mass clients.

UDREO’s driver will collect cash for your parcel in the case of a COD. As per the policy the driver is required to immediately deposit the collected amount into UDREO’s bank account within 30 minutes. As soon as the parcel is collected from you and delivered to your customer, UDREO will initiate the payment process, it will be paid to you before the end of the business day irrespective of whether the driver deposited the funds on time or not.


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